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Open Season 3 On Blu-Ray and DVD Today!

January 25, 2011 Leave a comment

The 3rd installment of the “Open Season” franchise debuts on DVD and Blu-Ray today.

If you folks keep telling others about our little home on the web, I promise to start giving things like this away in contests very soon!


Open Season 3 Trailer

January 19, 2011 Leave a comment

I seem to be in the minority, but I quite enjoyed the original “Open Season.” I felt it had fantastic art direction, and may contain the first and last shot of a main character visibly pooping in a major animated feature.

With “Open Season 2,” a direct-to-DVD release, the quality dropped off substantially, as you would expect with this kind of release and budget. Now Sony has released the trailer for “Open Season 3,” another straight to disc offering:

I’ll reserve judgement until I watch the entire thing, but frankly it looks kind of fun. I’m sure my kids will love it too.

“Open Season 3” hits DVD and Blu-Ray on 01.25.11.

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